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Notes on purchasing OASIS Gift Card


1. Payment methods include various credit cards, PayPal payment,

For offline payment, you can use cash, check, or Venmo for customers handing over items to us.

⒉ You can issue a receipt. If you wish, please fill in the memo field and we will deliver it together with the product.

⒊.Please note that returns will be made within 10 days.

4. To check the contents,

5. In addition to the wrapping service, you can also attach a gift message.

6. It is also possible to deliver it at our store or store it at our store, in which case you can use it with free shipping.



Notes on using the OASIS Gift Card


A.Gift Cards cannot be used for cash change or cash exchange.

B. Cards are divided into $ 25 each, so you can use them separately.

C. If you lose your card, we will write down the registrant name and product number at the time of purchase.

It can be used with a card number such as a photo.

D. You can use any number of cards at the same time.

E. There is no expiration date.

F. We will always make reservations for the purchase, but please note that it is different from the priority.



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