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BINGO!! / ビンゴ

Almost coming the end of this year 2020.

So many things changed the world

I hope you doing good. I really want to say THANK YOU for all and I have prepared the BINGO game!


If you win, you can get a product of Yuka's choice.

1 Scalp head spa ($80-$90)

2 MILBON Carbonated Shampoo ($44+tax)

1 Shower filter ($49+tax)

2 MILBON shampoo & Treatment set ($40+41.6+tax)

2 $50 value salon gift card

10 $25 value salon gift card

3 OASIS logo bag & magnet ($15+tax)

Other (stickers)

Welcome to Kids BINGO

Until 12/29/2020 visit.

I wish you have a great new year 2021♡

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